Personal Dispute about posts

Seems to be a common trend with you... perhaps reading would help?

Let me spell it out.

The app reads and displays only in Fahrenheit. It doesn’t respect the unit setting of the Hubitat device. That, to me, is not “working great.”

No, I read perfectly fine...... perhaps actually saying what the hell you are meaning instead of using code words (freedom) which do not exist anywhere in the app.....Sounds like your problem not mine.

Hubitat doesn't do the reporting of the "degrees" the PWS does, it has nothing to do with what settings Hubitat uses......

If you had finished reading, you'd note that I mention SI units. That's not code and would have been sufficient for an average person to understand.

That's true that the data may originate in deg F. That is also true for other apps like Weather Underground or Nest. Both of those, however, display on dashboards and RM in the system-wide chosen units (found under the location settings in your Hubitat UI). This plugin, however, does not, nor does it supply any alternate switches for using normal units of measure.

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No, in fact NO ONE knows what SI units are ..........Sports Illustrated units?

SINCE You openly blame others for your faults and also promote READING .......try READING this when using Acronyms as Neither Freedom OR SI is listed as "common" that the "average" would understand.

First off, the comment about "freedom units" is a common mockery of the US system of measure.

Second, instead of posting your common "I have no idea what you are referring to" maybe try a google search? Here's one to get you started:

This is the "official" term for what many know simply as "metric"... in use by pretty much every country as the standard form of measurement except for the US.

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Being a smartass isn't a way to ask for help for any "decent" human......

You being an idiot doesn't require special effort on my part...... maybe YOU should start your own canadian forum to seek assistance from so you can get help from those who enjoy your frail sense of humor

Don't recall asking for help. Was just commenting that the implementation is deficient.

I'm sorry, did I offend your freedom sensibilities?

Didn't realize this forum was specific to those who enjoyed your particular brand of so-called freedom.

guys really - maybe this has gone far enough?

this place used to be so civil.....


Was commenting on an American Forum about an American App written by an American, that didn't work for Canadian.......Again the problem is YOURS not the app writers, IF you're trying to make suggestions for additions, you have a REEEEALLY BAD way of asking for it.

Yeah, the Ambient Weather Device is reporting "over heated".

Sorry if someone writes a personal attack I will ALWAYS respond

Excuse me? American Forum? Pretty sure Hubitat is an international product.

And no, I wasn't making a suggestion, nor was I asking for help. Merely commenting that it is deficient and a less "hacky" version might be worthwhile.

And I most certainly was not asking for your help. If this forum had a way of ignoring folks, you'd be first on my list based on your consistent combative nature and lack of helpfulness elsewhere... not to mention the borderline offensive avatar.

This didn't start as a personal attack, and certainly not against you as you aren't the author of the app. I said the app is deficient in that it doesn't respect the recommended practices of checking with the system's regional settings.

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I'm NOT the author of the app...but was tagged to respond


Because you claimed it works great. And I disagreed with that basic statement and explained why.

Not sure why you're looking for a fight...

Let me provide some more of that "FREEDOM" advice

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Sadly, that doesn't make you disappear. Only that I don't get notifications.

But thanks -- I've reported your post because of the rather offensive filename you had for that screenshot. And earned a badge for "First Flag". :smiley:


Is it wrong that I'm highly amused by this?


You're not the only one. I'm also amused that there is a "Time Out Room", I didn't even realize that existed here.


Time out room? Can it be automated? I want one!


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