Periodic Handler Issues

Setting up 2 separate ZigBee switches to operate aquarium pumps on an itermittent basis. Set the first switch up (using Rule Machine): Trigger Event: Every 10 minutes; Actions: On/ then Off delayed 3 minutes. It has been working like a charm for several hours now.

Second switch I "believe" I set up exactly the same, but when I go to the "Scheduled Jobs" under the first switch the time cycle is listing as expected - ten minutes between Previous Run Time and Next Run Time. The second switch shows that the rule is only running once at the top of each hour.

Am I missing something fundamental about how the Rules Machine runs these scheduled jobs, or is there a setting that I likely didn't toggle? I'd appreciate any input on how to troubleshoot this.

Can you post a screenshot of the second rule? The whole main page.

Thanks for the response, but I figured out the issue just comparing the two setups. There is a toggle switch for the Periodic Schedule that states "Every n minutes?" which on the first switch I had toggled. On the second switch I just set the time (referring to duration of the action) to run the rule which apparently means the rule only runs at the top of every hour.

You live, you learn. Thanks again for trying to help me out!

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