Performance of Local vs Cloud Execution when using Cloud?

We're experiencing the benefits and performance of HE's local execution. What happens when you add Alexa, Google Home, SharpTools or some other cloud based interface or device into the mix? I believe most in some form or another utilize cloud with their HE?

What do you mean "what happens"?

Exactly what you think happens - whatever you are doing is limited to the speed of the slowest part (really the sum of parts, but still).

So if using cloud, it goes as fast as that lets it. The local execution part is still fast, of course, once the cloud command actually gets there. But none of us have control over the speed of alexa, google, or IFTTT...

Think of it this way, cloud based automation may appear to be cloud to cloud, but if you interact with devices, it's really device to cloud to cloud to hub to device... With Hubitat, it's device to cloud to hub to device. We cut out an extra step for cloud integration. However, it puts the reliability totally on your net connection.

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I knew that Alexa could do half the communication via local, but I thought Google was all cloud, both directions. Not correct?

The Alexa skill is cloud to hub not local echo to hub. So they are equal in functionality to how google works.

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Hey @patrick!

For as long as I can recall I've noticed some significant delays when using Alexa and Google Home to control my HE device. For example, using the Alexa app I often see "Server Unresponsive" or it takes a significant amount of time for Alexa to bring back the current status of the device or update the device. Sometimes you'll ask Alexa to turn a device On or Off, the device will turn On or Off, but then Alexa says the device is unresponsive.

These same devices all seem to work fine when controlled locally. I also don't recall these types of issues when I was using Alexa to control the same devices via my now decommissioned ST hub, So that has me wondering what could be causing this to occur especially given I feel the overall local performance of my HE hub is superior to my old ST hub. Was it something with my network or something else?

Correct me if this is wrong...

  • For GH and Alexa to retrieve the state of HE connected devices, their cloud services need to access the local HE hub. This could be impacted by ISP and home network.
  • For GH and Alexa to retrieve the state of ST connected devices, their cloud services need to access the ST cloud.

These are very high-level views of what's happening but it still makes me wonder if there might be some validity to the reason I'm seeing slow device state updates and "Server is responsive" messages.

Thanks Again, Glenn

I've never gotten a "server unresponsive". For your 2nd bullet, the ST cloud still has to talk to a local device so you're assuming that ST cloud already knows the accurate state of a device.

I have Hue lights connected through a Hue hub, plus Ecobee, Ring and Hubitat all of them integrated with Alexa. On occasion, Alexa will give me a failed to respond error, ussually this is from Alexa to Hue and not HE. I find giving her a voice command to turn on a zwave switch via HE very quick.

However, all of my hubs are hardwired using real switches and my internet service is 150Mb down, 25Mb up.

Yes, we don't store any data, cached or otherwise in the cloud. So Google and Alexa have to get the data from your hub via your internet connection.

If your isp or any hop in between drops that packet you will have issues.

When I login to it shows all my HE devices (Offline), while my Hue, Ecobee, Ring and Blink are all online. Is that what's expected or does that look like in issue in my configuration?

What does it look like using the mobile app to view devices? I’ve never really found the web interface to be accurate.

Device state in the iOS Alexa app is pretty inconsistent. One device will say "Device is unresponsive" and not display the device state then later that same device will appear fine and a device that previously looked fine will now show "Device is unresponsive". In either case, I can typically control the device via Alexa, its just that the operation will sometimes be quick other times slow and other times require a couple tries. This all while local HE operation of the same devices work fine.