Per User Dashboards


I've read the documentation but I could not understand how "per user dashboards" work.
I create new user under "per user dashboards" menu and assign a dashboard to the user.
However, all users can still access that dashboard.
Maybe this is not what I am looking for.
I want to limit access to a specific dashboard to one/some user.

You could set a PIN number in the Advanced section (go into the dashboard settings via Apps from the Hubitat side menu not Dashboards)


You could share the direct URL listed in the dashboard app to one user and not the other. They would open that link in a browser and only have access to that one dashboard. But this method does not work if you want to use the Hubitat app. And it probably is more useful if you want to share a single dashboard and not multiple ones for each user.

PIN protect would be the other way if you do want to use the app.

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@Inge_Jones , @neonturbo

I already use PIN method. But some method without entering any PIN would be nice.
When it says "per user" , I think of a user logged in with their credentials to the app.

not a very good implementation of "user"