Per-Room Thermostat (Vent/Fan Control)?

I've been searching the forums with no luck yet, figured I ask. I'm hoping to create a virtual thermostat that can then open/close vents. I'm thinking every 3 degrees above or below (depending on heat or cool) open the vent by 20% until max. Vice versa going down to 20% minimum.

Similarly every N degrees, bump up the fan speed by 1.

Is there an app that can do some of this or am I going to need to get into RM and set it up manually?

You can do it manually in RM, but WATO may be more appropriate at it has rising triggers and greater than comparison capability. Maybe make one rule per vent.

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I agree with the WATO approach. I have a set of rules that do this with our bathroom fans, but it would have been easier your way :wink:

Not exactly what you are looking for, but close.

That looks like exactly what I need. How often does it adjust the vents? I had one app on Smartthings that adjusted them every 5 minutes even if the AC wasn't running... it murdered the battery on the vents.

It is event driven, so if the you are cooling/heating/fan, it will adjust when the main system starts, and then when the temperature sensor reports. If the system is idle, or the vent is within 5 percent of the new target needed, no change.

I have a rule in rule machine that if heating or cooling, poll my temperature sensors every 10 minutes. Last year I did 5 min, and I am going to mess with it until I am happy.

I made a custom app to adjust my Keen vents. To your point, I only adjust when thermostatOperatingState isn't idle.

My app works MUCH better in my house than Keenect did. But my needs are very specific in terms of room balancing and what vents I want to move when, and Keenect is not.

The point of saying all that, is if you have any desire, a custom app is not hard to make, and you can make it do anything you want.

I do want to look into learning how to write custom apps. I just haven't yet. I'm trying to get everything ported over from Smartthings/Wink and back into generally working order. Then I can increase functionality after that.

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@JasonJoel's app sounds way better, but I simply use RM to maintain my Keen vent percentages. My needs are very simple though. Heat bad. Cool good. Ya, I'm in the south. I only have two Keen vents, in the rooms that tend to overheat during the winter. Therefor, when mode = cooling open them open and when mode = heating close them down.

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@doug and @JasonJoel,
Both of you have suggested keenect is missing some functionality you would like to see, can you share what improvements would be helpful?

I've never used Keenect. Sorry.