Peq door sensors, 5 for $40 on eBay

Door and window sensors for sale.

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Any advantage to these? I have visonic mct340 and they work great and take cheap 2032 batteries. These seem bigger, like the size of an Iris water sensor, and take expensive cr2 batteries. I wonder if these can be hacked and repurposed, as maybe a water sensor

Only advantage may be price. I prefer the Iris sensors because of appearance, as opposed to these blocks.

Still a great deal, thank you for sharing.
Did you see the Iris motion sensors on eBay, 10 for 65 bucks, lower offers considered. Grabbed 10 they work great

Of course I did. Grabbed a 10 pack myself. :smile:

I think this form factor would be my preference for a door or window sensor, but at $50 I will never find out:

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Yes, they can be repurposed as such, these are the same centralite oem devices as the iris V2, and ST V1...

So annoying they won't ship internationally :cry:
What is an IoT guy in Asia supposed to do?!? Now I will have to go out drinking tonight again.
Sigh, its a tough life.