Pending what?

Can someone tell me what Pending means? I'm trying to remove what I think is a ghost but after clicking Remove it just says pending. What exactly is it that's pending?

Also, why can I not find this in the documentation? It seems like an explanation of what this means might be really helpful. Is it there but I missed it even though I dug deep? TIA.

No clue what pending means, Try cutting power to the switch or pull the air gap does the same thing. then try and remove again. remove with the power still turned off to the switch. If it's battery powered remove the batteries.

I had a pending device earlier today. Tried a repair on a device that was unplugged. Plugged it back in and the pending status disappeared and I was able to complete the repair.

So my guess is that pending indicates the device is unresponsive. If it is indeed a ghost, you'll need to go through the steps necessary to remove it. I've never had to do that, so i won't be much help there.

In this case pending likely means the device did not include correctly. I'd try powering down the original device (if you know what it is) and clicking the remove button. It may take several (many) attempts to get rid of it.