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I am trying to change everything related to my IoT equipment to a single email. I wanted to change the admin account here, but it says I can't while I still have a subscription. I cancelled it and it is pending. Is there any way to get it cancelled immediately so I can add the new admin account and get rid of the old one? My subscription runs almost a full month more.

Iโ€™m sure @bobbyD or @support could probably assist you there.

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The subscription is tied to your account, so canceling it before it expires, means losing the almost full month of service. If that's ok with you, you can open a Subscription case by visiting the following page and we will cancel the service for you earlier.

Thanks, I just sent the request.

I was able to get my account canceled, so I marked my earlier question as solved, however I'm still having an issue on the hub side. When I try to go in and change the admin email, it says that the hub still has an active subscription, but when I go to the subscription it says that my hub has no subscriptions. Not pending anymore, just not there at all, but I still can't change the admin. I have even done a reset and removed everything from the hub, but this still didn't fix it. Is there something I am missing?

The solved button can be unchecked. Iโ€™ve done that for you, but you can do it too if needed in the future.

Please follow up on your previous case by sending us your new email account, and we will help you change the admin account. Or send me a private message and will take care.

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Just sent an email. If I don't hear back I'll PM you, but I'm a little tied up today so I don't want to waste your time until I can give my undivided attention to it. Thanks!

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Got your email and took care of it, so no worries. Have a great weekend.


Now itโ€™s solved :grin:.


I'm trying to deregister a hub, but it says I still have a subscription, and it needs to be canceled. However, I canceled it yesterday, and it's been listed as "pending cancelation" ever since. Is there a way to make my subscription "canceled" rather than "pending cancelation?"


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Hey Nick, please check your email. We have cancelled your monthly service for you, as requested. The long-short answer to your question is that early termination of services is not possible.

The subscriptions are non-refundable, so a cancelled service remains active until the service expires. Pending cancelation ensures that auto-renewal doesn't occur. In special situations, such as your request, users can create a subscription case by visiting below page (which you've already done) and we would be able to cancel the service for them.

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Hi sorry to trouble you.

I have requested cancellation of support on an old hub and wish to deregister it.
How long does it take to deactivate the support.

Have raised a request with max address via the link.

I have an impatient son who is trying to get in to HA!!!

Thanks in advance.

Well, we don't want to hold up your son from starting his journey of elevating his environment with Hubitat. Your hub has been de-registered.

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Cheers BD my ears may now stop bleeding. :+1:

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Iโ€™m also trying to change the admin and have canceled my subscription to make the change. I would have rather just changed the admin since I own both accounts, but Iโ€™m fine with losing a month subscription to get the change completed right away. Let me make what I need to do to get this done.


At this point you have two options, either wait until the service expires or create a case and we can cancel the service earlier for you: