Pella insynctive sensor compatibility w/out bridge?

I have a few pella insynctive sensors in our patio door (lock/unlock and door open/closed) but don't have the pella insynctive bridge. Is it possible for hubitat to read the sensors without the hub so I can be alerted if the door is left open or unlocked?

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They're 433.92MHz devices - no interaction possible with HE.

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So I'd need to get the bridge in order for Hubitat to read them?

No idea if a bridge would work. I have a Bond Bridge and the BB / HE integration is not ideal.

I also have Pella sliding doors. The Slim Strip sensors fit and work well for me. My Slim Strip sensors are branded for my security system, but I see no reason why the standard z wave would not be the same

No idea, never have used them or tried to integrate those, especially ones that require the insynctive bridge.

That said, there are a couple posts that are interesting and might help. This one I linked below is the most promising...

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This isn’t a use case for the Bond bridge. Pella makes their own bridge device for these built-in sensors.

They might fit for OP’s door, but won’t provide the locked/unlocked status monitoring that the built-in sensors do.


@neonturbo appears to have linked to the solution.

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agreed this has been resolved. Thank you @marktheknife for summarizing it all up and for everyone else's responses!

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