PDL (Schneider Electric) Iconic Connected Socket - Zigbee comms?

Hi There, Is anyone from AU/NZ using the PDL Iconic by Schneider Electric connected power socket? It says it has Wireless Zigbee (2405...2480 MHz), 10 mW at < 50 m connectivity.

Link to spec sheet


You should be able to connect it by using one of the generic Zigbee multi endpoint drivers. If it’s got power monitoring as well, you may struggle to get that to work.

I’m using the PDL Wiser micro dimmer, PDL5011WSZ PDL Iconic Home Automation | PDL by Schneider Electric, and that connected with just the generic Zigbee switch driver.

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You should try the generic zigbee outlet driver, it can handle power reporting for two separate power clusters, in other words it will work with more devices than the switch drivers.

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