Pc arcade cabinet control

Hi guys, new to the group and am enjoying reading up on all the things I can begin to integrate to my new home (finally buying after years of renting) im sure there is plenty of info on here for all the regular stuff with sensors and switches etc which I will learn as I go, but I have a specific requirement from my smart home that I'd appreciate some pointers on.

I have a full size arcade cabinet that runs a windows 10 pc inside, it plays multiple retro consoles and has a full mame setup, to appease the other half, I have swapped the monitor to a 4:3 touchscreen and incorporated Spotify into the front end.

What I would like to do is run 3 or 4 zones of ceiling speakers and have the ability to activate and deactivate each zone via most likely wall mounted tablets, although I have an idea on what to use for this is there any good recommendations for multi room audio?

Secondly and possibly the tricky one, obviously my audio source is a PC, how can I adjust the volume of the pc via the tablets/hubitat?

Look forward to some suggestions, as we are remodeling the downstairs before we move in, im trying to future proof and prepare early so I can sort cables if required.

I build mame cabs on the side (Upright and cocktails). Honestly I would get a wall mounted tablet (amazon fire?) and put everything on there including spotify. It will integrate easier into multi room audio weather you are using Sonos or Googlecast integration. That way you don't have to worry about a hard drive taking out everything or other average pc failures. You can also set up multiple dashboards. One geared for the tablet in kiosk mode, and one for your cell phones. Again just my take on it.

The cabinet is a cool focal and social point to the open plan area.

The cabinet has multiple drives in it, it also runs as my emby server.

I get what your saying but I'd prefer the tablets to have singular function remaining on the dashboard screen for the habitat, I just feel having multiple screens around the house all controlling the Spotify would end up being a pain and more headache for me when the missus can't get it back on the dashboard lol.

Out of curiosity, which front end do you install on your mame cabinets as I assume you build and sell.

I ran gamex for a good few years which was fine... but I have finally completed a full hyperspin setup with a media tab on the wheel which houses Spotify, netflix, emby and YouTube

I use Hyperspin.... I usually just build them for friends.

Yeah, its very user friendly.

I think I've found a way now to do what I need for a reasonable price.

Using event ghost and a http get post i should be able to control the audio level of the pc and I've got hold of an 8 way speaker splitter with basic latch on off buttons which I can control via a WiFi relay board and a few DPST relays.

Once up and running ill post a thread showing how I got it all up and running :crossed_fingers: