Payload value of FF getting converted to -1 (I just updated to confirm still happening).
C7 Hub

Is this normal, I thought before that FF would get "scaled" to 255?
I tried using v1 and v2 in the parse and function of command class 0x70, same results. Tested on two similar devices that have the same parameter. I think the older device used to show 255 before I updated to 2.2.9

ConfigurationReport - parameterNumber:8, size:1, scaledValue:-1, value: [255]
parse: zw device: 52, command: 7006, payload: 08 01 FF , isMulticast: false --PARSED-- ConfigurationReport(parameterNumber: 8, size: 1, configurationValue: [255], scaledConfigurationValue: -1)

Yes.. per Z-Wave specs this is a signed value so 255 (0xFF) is -1

Ok so this is different from something like a BasicReport where I think typically FF is 'on' and it scales to 255 there I thought, correct? So those must be defined as a unsigned value.

I thought it might have something to do with zwave spec but I wasn't sure what I was looking for in the document and there is a lot of text in there to read and make sense of!

Thanks for clarifying.

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Just for my own (and others) clarification. Looks like the SwitchBinary does not get scaled, as that just reports the "value". That is where my confusion was coming from. I have not had a device use size 1 and a FF value for for a parameter before.

Found the equivalent info for the Switch Binary value showing it should be 255.

SwitchMultiLevel is a little more interesting.. It's 0-99 and 255 (0xFF) is last non zero value..