Pausing rules


I have creatred a few rules one of them controlls the heating. When im not there i paused the rule.

Question - When i unpause (On) does the rule run. I set the rule to turn the heating on and off based on temp. When i unpause the rule it does not run, do i have to run it myself when unpused for the first time?

When i unpused i clicked "done" it did not start. I just went back in and clicked "update event" and it started?


Here's the official word on pausing a rule:

"Will prevent actions from running in response to trigger events and, if the rule actions are currently running, will pause at the current location until resume."

I'd say in this case if you unpause the rule it will wait until the next time the temperature reports less than 20 and then the rule will trigger. But it will not automatically trigger when you unpause the rule - it will take another event from your temperature sensor to get the rule running again.

However, I think there's probably a more elegant way of doing this, either with a virtual switch, a presence sensor, a mode change, or something else. As an added benefit there may be other actions you want to have take place when you leave, like turning on or off certain lights, locking doors, setting alarms, and so on.

Ok. How do i created virtual switch?

Once you've created it you can place it on a dashboard and edit your rule to include a required expression that prevents the rule from running if the switch is on. Or off.


I would be great if virtual button could be used in simple rules.

I think that's why they're called "simple" rules :slight_smile:


virtual button when pressed do not highlight for me. Normal button highlight when pressed. This is installed in a camper van so when the power is turned off, normal button you can see the last state due to the button being highlighted. The only way you know if a virtual button is on/off is go to the device and look.

Is there a way to highlight the virtual buttons when pressed on or off?

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Yeah on a dashboard a button press is kind of invisible. I generally use virtual switches instead, and just have the virtual switch turn itself off automatically after a second. That way you get the animation (if you can call it that) in the dashboard.


Thanks i will give it a go.

A better way to do this would be based on modes. Use Home mode as a conditional for the rule to run. That way when you trigger away mode the rule doesn't work. You could easily use geofencing to trigger away mode, or even the way you lock your door.


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