Pausing devices

Is there a setting somewhere to pause a device from activating for a period of time without totally disconnecting it from the app? They're are times I'm home I don't want certain lights to come on. Thanks.

You can do that manually on the Devices page. It's described in the documentation.

If you want it in an automatic, way you can disable and resume devices via Rule Machine.

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Typically you could configure some kind of condition or restriction in the app to achieve this. What app are you using to control the lights?

The advantage of doing this in the automation would be those conditions being presented to you alongside other aspects of the automation, and the fact you are only affecting the automation, other manual control could still be used, for example. If you are using an RM Rule you may want to look at a required expression to limit the times when the rule can run.

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Thanks for your note but it's not working right. Also, i wanted to add a GE/Jasco and in going through the process... it just keeps saying there's a problem. the light is switched on and i keep waiting the 100 seconds for it to link up so i can control it. Thanks VERY much for you input.

We might need some more information about how it is not working. What did you try and what was the outcome? Depending on what is happening (or not), are there any logs that may be relevant, either for the device or an automation.

First of all, it may be best to split this question off into it's own topic. It makes it easier for people to find things.

In terms of the issue you are having, again we may need a few more details (or at least I would :slight_smile: ). It would help if you have the type of device (light, switch, etc), including the exact model and whether the device is Zigbee, Z-Wave or Wi-Fi. Some screenshots would also help, if that's possible, particularly to show where you are seeing the message indicating there was a problem. If you could look at the logs page (particularly Past Logs when looking at previous attempts), do you see anything shown there which may help?

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