Patched webCoRE for Hubitat (2018/09/09)

Tried all that. No luck.

I’ve now noticed that my rule machine rules have an intermittent delay also. I don’t know if this is a mesh networking problem, or if it is insufficient processing on the part of the hubitat. I’m wondering if a second hubitat setup as a slave on the other side of the house would be helpful.

The update didn’t complete for me until I logged in from another machine, if that helps?

Same for me.... very odd

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Have been looking at the logs. It appears that webCoRE is getting a delay, at time of up to 7,000 ms when a motion changes to active state. On good times, it's about 100+ ms.

For this particular motion sensor, it is not part of any other piston and the only other app on Hubitat using it is the dashboard.

What's your opinion on why there is this massive delay and how can i troubleshoot further?

I rebooted the hubitat and that warning in webcore finally went away.

seems like my delays are getting worse the past few days for some reason. After the reboot it seemed a bit faster for a while, but that may have been in my head.

Hi folks,

I have been completely swamped in the past few months, with a new job, moving to a new city and other life changes. As a result of this, I have been unable to do any kind of justice to the webCoRE thread, or the projects I was working on, when I started using Hubitat. I regret that there is so much needed on this project and yet, I have not been able to contribute to anything.

@jp0550 on the other hand, has been consistently doing a stellar job of rolling our numerous fixes and helping out the community with all their queries and I am really glad that the webCoRE effort didn't fizzle out after what I released initially. Hats off to his dedication and drive to help. I couldn't think of a better option than for me to take down the links to my GitHub repo and modify the OP to completely reflect his work, so that there is no need for him to push commits to me and wait for a merge.

I have messaged him to inquire if he is okay with this change. If he is, then I will make the needed changes. Until then, please be sure to use his repository for getting the latest version of webCoRE and not the one in the OP.


Do you have a link to his repo?

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how did you amend the file, its not letting me?

How do I get the Fuel steam to work ?

So how do you change the git repo if you already used yours?

Just copy and paste each corresponding file from the new repo over top of the code in your hub. There is no GitHub integration. It’s all manual.

So ... if I used this procedure to load webCoRE on to my RaspberryPi:

cd ~/
git clone
cd webCoRE
git checkout hubitat-patches
cd dashboard
sudo ln -s `pwd` /var/www/webcore

How do I change that to jp0550's repository? Do I just redo that procedure on top of the existing install and replace 'ajayjohn' with 'jp0550'? If not ... instructions would be greatly appreciated .... or do I need to just start over from scratch?

Thanks for the help.


Try this:

cd ~/
cd webCoRE/
git remote set-url origin
git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/hubitat-patches

Make sure you do git reset --hard origin/hubitat-patches above as it's showing as a comment but should be fully pasted.


Thank you. I did this and it appears to be working. I appreciate your help ... and all your work on WebCoRE for Hubitat. :smiley:


Fuel streams are currently not supported for hubitat. I've played around with getting it to work a few times including today, but it looks like they are down for everyone, not just hubitat users :

Damn... I use them a lot.

Just wanted to find out -

I have a second Rpi and have installed webCore there. Will there be any problems if i just change on the HE portal the custom webcore instance url to the new Rpi IP address? Will it disrupt anything?

Yes.... all your pistons will be lost UNLESS you copy the entire structure with same hierarchy to the new PI

I'm not sure that's strictly true. The webCoRE app and associated pistons are stored on your HE hub. It only accesses webCoRE on your Pi for defining new pistons, amending/deleting existing pistons. (I believe. :wink: ).
Proof of this I suppose is when you first loaded webCoRE and you probably used the webCoRE server to define them initially before you started using a RPi. I know I did.

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