Pasting date/time lines causes rule error 2.3.1

I have been waiting for the new release as I have a rule I needed to update to 5.1 but could not bring over due to a bug in RM 5.1. I am moving all my rules to a rules hub and I am putting everything in RM5 as I don't want to install the legacy RM on the new hub. The bug had to do with setting multiple time variables, which was noted as fixed in the latest release.

That does seem to be fixed and I re-wrote my rule in 5.1, however when I was almost done I had to set the time variables one last time and since I had done it earlier in the rule, I decided to use the handy copy function. When I copied the two lines and pasted them at the end of the rule it generated an error and I can no longer edit the rule.

I was able to duplicate by creating a short test rule, see below. If you create the rule as shown and then copy the two lines that set the start time and stop time and try to paste at the end of the rule it gets the same error I got in my larger rule.

This bug will be fixed in the next release.


Just got the new update installed and it fixed this issue, and as a bonus I did not have to re-write the rule again. I was sure I was going to have to write the thing again, it is not a terrible complex rule, but I was not looking forward to starting again. Thank you.