Passwords & Security

I note that the password requirements of the management site aren't really up to date with modern requirements. It might be worthwhile to read a summary of the NIST password guidelines here:

Key points:

  • get rid of the complexity requirements in favour of longer passwords.
  • implement multifactor authentication

It would be nice if the HE could accept hardware keys as a second factor. Since you have linux under the hood, it should be fairly easy to add the second factor to improve hub security.


Are you specifically referring to the login?

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It was suggested a while ago , and it seems like it was under consideration, just not sure where it is in the priorities list.

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Yes, the cloud enabled system. I got HE specifically for its on-prem capabilities. The authentication implemented in the cloud management system could expose a user to increased security risks.

The second part of my comments is just a wish. Since I've seen a new feature involving security, it would not be a bad time to improve the overall security of the system.

Small company, it is hard to get resources to do everything. I'm not looking for another job.

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