Pass parameters through port 39501

I'm trying to pass a parameter from a Tasmota device to port 39501. I've tried multiple formats such as:
WebSend []/?x=22&y=33&z=44
WebSend []/?json={'status':'closed', 'previous:'closing'}
WebSend []/?Flag

I see the incoming requests arrive at the device handler but I don't see the original URL or related data. Is this even possible?

Any help appreciated.

I found the same linked thread you posted on earlier. :slightly_smiling_face:. Will be interesting to see if it can be done...

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I get the impression no ... Hopefully I am wrong....

From all that I can see, the hub is expecting a http post call to the hub which you can't construct through a simple url string.

The parse method accepts a string which can be cast / converted to a map from what I have seen. In the end that string is really all you have, so output that to the logs and see what you get.

I have done that and don’t see what I’m looking for but the header is there and I thought it may be possible to decode that.

If not I can go the MakerAPI route but I’d prefer to avoid that if possible. Just adds complexity.

Now that you mention it I believe you can also setup an http endpoint as a trigger for a rule. Not sure what options you get, but may be worth a look.

For anyone interested I have found the solution for my use case. Simply use the Tasmota WebQuery command like this. From the console:
"WebQuery POST {"Action":"refresh"}"

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