Partially freezing hub

I have recently migrated from Vera Plus to Hubitat. Overall, I am very pleased with the options and richness of the system. However, I seem to be having some stability issues. When it strikes, I can see the dashboard, but any request to control a device fails. Also, when I go to the local web interface, I can see the devices, but all attempts to control them fail. I am able to navigate across the various pages and reboot the hub which restores service. This might be triggered by an rule I have that monitors the power consumption of my well pump in order to alert when the water has been on too long, and to alert me and ultimately shut down power to the pump.

The involved switch is the GE 14285 Indoor/Outdoor smart switch, which I have used for years. To make it work with the Hubitat, I am using the add-on Z-Wave Metering Switch driver with power consumption as the monitored variable. Unfortunately, it is necessary to have a rule refresh that switch every couple minutes to get the power value. My suspicion is that some interaction between the rules and that switch is causing the issue. I have looked at the logs, but frankly don’t know what to look for.

In the meantime, I am getting a WiFi outlet that I will plug the Hubitat into. I do have a Raspberry Pi with TeamViewer set up to be able to control remotely. My thought is that if the hub freezes and I cannot access it with the Pi, my final recourse will be to cut and restore power to reboot the hub.

Please point me in the right direction and also point out anything in the above that is stupid! I did some searching and did not fine anything that would help. If there is another resource I should know about, please let me know.

Thank you!

It may be your only option but cutting the power is never a great answer. It will sometimes result in database corruption with all the pain and anguish that entails. It looks like you are on the right track to diagnose - I'm not familiar with the switch or that driver so I can only say good luck!

Unfortuantley it keeps happening and seems to be getting worse. After the last reboot, none of the devices responded. Trying again, but worried...

Shut it down again, unplugged for a minute, and it is working again. I changed the drivers for the switches to generic z-wave smart switch and paused the rule that I am concerned is triggering the issue. Since one of the most important uses for my hub is this rule on these devices, sure hope I can figure it out.

Better bring it in from the cold! Throw a blanket over the poor thing.

This appears to be Zwave plus. You shouldn't have to poll or refresh to make it work.

Could you post screenshots of the Zwave Details page in the Settings menu?

Also, if you go to Logs menu, and look at App stats and Device stats, does anything seem to be hogging memory?

Thanks for your response! The switches will return on/off status, but in order to have them report power, unfortunately, they need to be refreshed. So I created a rule to refresh them every couple minutes.

Currently, they are using the generic z-wave smart switch driver and I have the rule that monitors them disabled. I assume I should return to the previous config, wait for a failure and then check?

For now, leave it alone. But post those screenshots of Zwave details if you can.

Nothing showing in logs, or in the stats?

Thanks. I responded to the message with a couple of images. Looks like I was wrong that those switches/apps were to blame. The damned thing is just failing. Hopefully I can figure this out. This thing seems vastly more unstable compared with the Vera products I have owned, which surprises the hell out of me.

If you did not get the images, please let me know.

And thanks again.

Here are the images.

Once again, THANK YOU!

Nothing looks really bad there.

Screenshots of Zwave details?

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Looks like both app and device data were just reset seconds before taking the screenshots. Why?

I just looked again, look at the uptime of this hub! 2200 plus days! 6 years!

Something is off.

By the way, did you start a trouble ticket by emailing support?

Sorry, I don’t know. To the best of my knowledge I did not reset it.

But unfortunately, the hub no longer recovers after a reboot or a shutdown/restart. So, I am trying leaving the hub off for 30 minutes after a shutdown. I suspect after that, I will need to try a factory rebuild and reset or backup. I kind of feel like I am rubbing a lucky rabbit’s foot and hoping for the best. Once again, thanks for your help!

Do you think I should try to restore a backup? Oddly, the behavior started after the hub had run find for quite a while.

And please let me know anything else you think will help or any other ideas before I go through the mind numbing rebuild process!

And yes, I did email support, but a while ago before the situation worsened!

I also noticed the crazy uptime.....weird. Does support look at these threads?

I would first try generating a backup and immediately restoring it. This can help to clean up issues with the database (if there are any).

If that doesn’t do anything, generate the backup, soft reset the hub, and restore the backup. That can also help to clear up issues if it happens to be a database problem.

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I think a support ticket might be preferable if you don't want to reset and and restore.

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Dayum...I'll leave this one in your capable hands. :smiley:


Yes, a SOFT reset will not hurt, but do a backup first so you have something to restore.

Don't do that! That almost never helps. There are lots of things to try first.

Sometimes, but you can tag someone like @gopher.ny and he might be able to see or do something from the support side of things.

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