Paring with current Elevation

Can I get a list of nearby Zigbee devices to see if my lights are there?

I am trying to pair a Sengled Color and GLedopto Rgb/cct spot. Both were paired easily on Alexa Echo. I have removed from Alexa and unplugged the Alexa hubs. I did a Sengled reset (15 quick power cycles). The gledopto is unclear so have pinged them. When trying to pair either of the devices pairing just hangs.

The MacBook and the hub are on two adjacent Aruba ports on the same vlan. I can see the clan and all looks ok. Just can't pair. Is there something I need to install or a quick way to see logs? The logs just say thinks like discovery started and stopped.

Thanks in advance.

Are you 100% sure they're zigbee bulbs and not bluetooth or wifi? Sengled and Gledopto make both....Are they found during the pairing and hanging? If the latter, pair them next to the hub..... Gledopto zigbee should be zigbee 3.0 but Sengled sigbee is ZLL 1.2 but doesn't repeat so needs strong repeaters around them.

You can see some here http://your.hubitat.ip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo

Great catch. The Singled is unknown which could explain it.
The GLedOpto is zigbee. It's issue was I actually didn't get it back into paring mode:-)

So question for you? Do you know if an App that will give me the ability to easily change color of the zigbee Rgb/CCT lights. It looks like GLEDOPtO landscape bulb is Hue compatible it currently shows up as only a CCT bulb not a RGB/CCT bulb. I am assuming I cannot connect the Hue app to my Hubitat.

I use the advanced Zigbee rgbw driver with gledopto and you can easily change the colors (16 million)


The Hubitat hub has a built in Hue bridge integration, or you can install one of 2 other feature rich applications created by Hubitat users for integrating your Hue bridge.

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What are the user supplied feature rich applications you talk about?

Cool. Is there an IOS app I can use that connects to Hubitat and will use all the features in my LedOpto lights? I connected the lights to the Hue Bridge and the Hue IOS app then gives me a nice user interface to the light. Is there something similar that connects to Hubitat?

Simply install the Hubitat app on your phone and build a dashboard that includes the light. Press and hold the button you create to get a color wheel...Any app such as rule machine, room lighting, holiday lighting etc. can change colors on it as with any other rgb/rgbw bulb/strip.

I use cocohue for anything connected to a hue bridge., This is available in Hubitat Package Manager. That said since they zigbee 3.0 I keep mine connected directly to hubitat and not the hue bridge. I leave the hue bridge for zll 1.2 zigbee stuff for isolation.

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I have the app. I didn't think about a dashboard.

  1. Does this approach allow you to get to both the color wheel and the CCT yellow/white wheel?

  2. how do I change the driver to the correct Zigbee driver for the LedOpto Zigbee 3 bulb?

I assume after doing this, the bulb would now also be visible with both the CCT and RGB settings in the Hubitat app or web app.

go to the device page and you will see device. click down arrow and pick correct driver. click save, then configure

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I deleted the tiles and went
Back and selected the bulb as you suggested and all worked.

So related to this how do I delete a bogus dashboard?

Is there a way to add lights from the Hubitat app or mist that be done from the computer?

I do almost all my pairing and rules from a pc. I rarely use the phone app because I'm more about automation vs remote control. Simply go to yourhubip>>devices>>add devices. For the dashboard deletion on your pc go to yourhubip>>apps>>hubitat dashboard and pick the dash you wanna delete

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