Parameters Missing For Command On Device Edit Page

I've got this weird device.

I purchased specifically the "2ID RGBW Controller" version. It is apparently compatible with Hue and appears as two lights; an RGB and a separate dimmer for the white channel. I can't confirm that though because I don't have a Hue bridge. I did, however, want this extra level of control (so I could manage the white level on my terms) for ST (and now Hubitat).

I searched around and eventually found a ST driver for a device that behaved similarly and modified it to work the rest of the way. For more flexibility I created a child driver to control the white channel only (so that I would see two devices in Google for example).

Here are my drivers:

Now that the background and history are out of the way, here are the actual questions.

I created a command on the rgb (parent) device driver to set the white level. It is called setWhite1Level and takes two parameters. When it's control is rendered on the device edit page it is missing parameters. Why?


The second question is... I don't really know anything about zigbee. Can somebody do me a solid and check the configure method to make sure I'm not doing something stupid to this device? The driver I modified is working raw string zigbee commands and I have no idea what a lot of them do.

You would need to specifiy the parameters when you declare the command.

command "setWhite1Level"

should be something like

command "setWhite1Level", ["NUMBER"], ["NUMBER"]

See patrick's post here for more options:

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Perfect, thank you.

Now, if anybody still wants to take a look at the configure method I'd appreciate it.