Pairing with S2 security - device docs lost, how to get the pin [Solved - I missed it completely]

I have a few devices where the documentation for the pin # is lost. With previous versions of the HE firmware the full code was displayed in a popup after pairing with no security. This was extremely useful but seems to have been removed.

Is there another way to get this? The device (aeotec recessed door sensor 7) does not appear to include the pin anywhere on the board.

Mmm... seem to have lost the ability to select the type of security as well.. could we get this (and the final popup) back as an "advanced" checkbox before initiating pairing?

Are you trying to pair with authenticated or Un authenticated? I think only 700 series devices support the authenticated method which is what needs the 5 digit code.

All my devices with that have a sticker physically on the device with the code, not sure if that is a zwave requirement?

For un authenticated devices last time I paired one I got the pop up asking to confirm the code but It didn’t have one so I just hit OK and it worked.

So previous iterations of the firmware - a security window would pop up with the default S2 security selections. You could check/uncheck things as necessary. The issue with that is (I think) people were getting confused as to which security to select - sometimes picking s2 - unauthenticated where they really wanted no security. Completely understand why this would change.

The other bit though was, and this was REALLY helpful - if you paired something and unchecked all the boxes, the next popup box would display the full security sequence including the pin code which you could retrieve.

I have a few devices like the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 that do not include the pin on the PCB or anywhere and the documentation has been lost - likely thrown away. There is no way to retrieve the pin at that point so the device can never be added via S2.


If you just skip past the dialog that asks for the PIN does it work? Seems to me I have done that. Of course the device pairs without security but it pairs!

Skipping works fine but no S2 security. I can no longer pair with S2 because I don't have the pin. I am looking for a way to retrieve it which was possible in previous versions of the HE firmware.

This was removed in 2.2.8, presumably with the intent to make pairing simpler, but I'm wondering if maybe Z-Wave PC Controller would show it if you tried to pair with S2 Unauthenticated? (This, of course, assumes the device supports that.) I've never tried to securely pair a device there, so I'm not sure what the UI looks like.

Yeah I tried that with a UZB-7 running under the PC Controller SW as a standalone device (not a secondary controller). Did not work either..

It would be nice if they could add an "Advanced" checkbox to the Z-Wave pairing screen and allow for the old way...

Also I agree that it was very necessary thing to do.. too much confusion but it would really be helpful so I don't have to separately manage a bunch of pin#'s for devices.. Of course most devices like switches usually have a label with the pin# so thats good.

If it did in fact show the entire code with the pin then possibly there is a zwave command that can be sent to retrieve it. But possibly only in while pairing. Would not be secure to expose the pin later that would defeat the whole purpose I think.

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Yep I agree - I don't mind having to pair something with no authentication first to get the code then re-pair with security. Would just like the option to do so.. I don't want to have to rely on the vendors providing a pin label on their devices. Also I am not the best at keeping track of these things sadly.

Okay so forget what I was saying - if you hit confirm it shows you everything including the pin which I completely missed.

On an interesting side note - it looks like you can no longer pair an S2 device with no security. Hitting skip pairs it with S2 unauthenticated. Would still like an advanced checkbox for the old way though..

I am now experiencing some bizarre S2 issues with pairing.. will post in a new thread...

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This should only happen for a device that supports S2 Unauthenticated at max. For Authenticated or Access Control, you should still be prompted (EDIT: prompted for the key, I mean--not the checkboxes, which are gone). Basically, it should continue with the default options (the ones that would have been pre-selected in prior versions).

And yeah, "Skip" should do no security, so as you now suspect, I think something else is going on for you. :smiley:

I am not getting any checkboxes at all only skip/confirm...

When I hit skip, it paired as S2 unauthenticated, when I hit confirm I got "no security". Things are acting very strangely right now - am still testing.

This is with a Zooz Zen24 V3 switch with the latest firmware (both HE and Zooz)... did the usual exclude/include thing etc.

So after pairing with the UZB-7 and PC Controller sw it looks like I can only get S2 Unauthenticated with this dimmer so not HEs issue at all.

That would explain that much, at least. :slight_smile: (I've also edited my post above to be clear that I meant the "prompt" would just be for the key if you're using an S2 grant that needs it--so not unauthenticated, though IIRC it should still pop up to ask you to confirm it, unless that changed now. But unless you're worried that someone is trying to trick you into pairing a different Z-Wave device at that moment, having the DSK yourself is not as much of a concern there, I suppose.)

Thats what I was getting at in my first post. The 500 series Zooz devices (I assume all Zwave?) Can only do Unauthenticated so they dont need a pin. The prompt that used to come up was very confusing because it asked for one, even though the device doesn't have one.

This isn't actually new with 700-series devices, though since I think 700 series requires S2 in some form for all devices, you're more likely to see it than you were in the past. (Real-world example: the Inovelli LZW30, LZW31, LZW30-SN, and LZW31-SN are 500-series devices with S2 Authenticated.)

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So is this still true today ? I’m looking to add a second hub via Hub Mesh and I would like to move some Z-Wave devices over. I would really like to avoid pulling light switches out of the wall to retrieve the security strings to maintain the same security level.

Honestly, pair everything with no security except for locks and garage door stuff. Your mesh will be much happier. I mean face it, what is someone gonna do, sniff the airwaves to see which light just came on? At that point they're close enough they can look at your windows to see what's turned on.


This is no longer true with the later HE updates.. quirky device/mesh issues aside everything works as expected.. I prefer to pair things with no security like @rlithgow1..