Pairing through Zwave network

A friend of mine is moving from Wink to Hubitat like me. I'm assisting him remotely. He is trying to discover an Inovelli smart zwave + wall plug. It was being networked by another Inovelli smart zwave + wall plug in his Wink environment. We can't seem to get the most distant wall plug to be discovered. He was successful discovering the next closest plug which is networked to the Hubitat directly. Is it possible to be discovered this way or do you have to be discovered directly by the Hubitat (moving the switch inside) and then move it back to the original location it was in after it gets discovered?

If he has an all zwave+ network, then I believe NWI should work. However, if it is mixed zwave/zwave+, then all bets are off.

He's best off pairing in place. If that doesn't work, move it temporarily. After pairing, he should do a z-wave repair let the network settle down for a few hours before attempting anything (eg. using the device, creating an automation, pairing another device etc. etc.).

Yeah, since he is using the same outlet brands and styles there shouldn't be any incompatibility. The plug in that remote location was flakey with Wink (sometimes work and sometimes not) until he bought another switch of the same brand and style and placed it in another location closer to that garage. So we know that we shouldn't have and compatibility issues. In my experience I've never paired a device that required it to stay in place. I've always paired devices in the same room as the hub, and then moved them to their final locations. I didn't know with the Device if it is able to make the hops.