Pairing Ring gen2 keypad (using C-7)


Many people in this forum seem to have issues with Ring Gen2 keypads, although mostly once they have already been paired. I have two of them, and can't get them to pair. I know the normal process for pairing Z-wave devices; I've done it many times. I've put the keypads in pairing mode. I've done Exclusion (no devices excluded). I've performed multiple factory resets on the keypads. I've tried some kind of alternate pairing mode on the keypads (initiated by holding the "1" key for 5 seconds after a reset). Nothing.

I saw a suggestion in an old thread that they use SmartStart, but that requires the Hubitat mobile app, which is incompatible with my phone.

Are there any tricks, gimmicks, etc. to force these things to connect?

I have a couple gen1 keypads which work fine. But these gen2's doesn't want to.

Thank you!

Do you have a C-7 or C-8 hub? I believe the second gen ring devices require S2 authentication and won’t pair to the older hubs.

I have a C-7.

I should have specified. It is running the latest stable version of the OS,

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