Pairing issue - Samsung ST Motion

Hey folks. Recently got a Samsung ST Motion detector that I cannot pair. I've tried Zigbee and Iris V1 Zigbee pairing. It is close to the Hubitat while trying to pair. I've pressed the connect button on the sensor, and the sensor is blinking red / green. I've basically done what is in the Hubitat documentation to connect. No luck, the device will not pop up in the Hubitat "Device Discovery" window. Any help?

A little more info - The Log makes it look like the Hubitat may have added the ST Motion Sensor as an "Unknown Zigbee device." In the log it says "Created Unknown Zigbee Device." However I cannot find this device in the "Devices" section of the Hubitat nor connect it again.

Never mind, I figured it out. I let the device blink for about 20 min, then it stopped blinking, and then I successfully reset it. The reset attempts while it was in pairing mode didn't work.

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