Pairing GE ZW4008 (46201)

Anyone had issues getting one of these to pair? Smartstart never seems to do anything (maybe I misunderstand how it works), and I otherwise can't get it to pair just enabling inclusion (or exclusion) and pressing up/down on the switch. reset several times. pulled air-gap, thrown breaker, etc. Rebooted hub. powered down hub for 5 mins and powered back up, etc.


Do you have any ghosts in your z-wave settings page? (They will have nothing in the routing column)

I have a contact sensor (battery) that's not reporting atm, but nothing else overly. I had the previous switch in this spot fail, but I've repaired it and it's sitting on my bench hooked up to power and responding.

I ran a Zwave repair, and it did mark several nodes as failed, but they all appear to be ones that were routing via the failed (and no repaired and on, switch).

Should I just wait a while for the mesh to self heal a bit and try again?

Think I might have found issue. While hunting for breaker for the switch I replaced, I flipped the breaker my Zooz relay was on, and it seems to have wedged itself. Bunch of stuff was apparently using it in their routing... so many things were hung up.

Power cycled it and things are coming back around. Will see if switch wants to pair now.


Yup, that did it. Paired immediately. Boy I wish you could manually tell some devices how to route...


Post your z-wave settings page in its entirety

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