Paired the Ring G1 Keypad - uses?

So I now have a Ring V1 keypad and it paired correctly with my C-7. Have been playing around the properties screen, added a simple test code.

I can "beep"/ Add Codes / Sound Alarm / Play Sound but other stuff like arming/disarming is a mystery. No events seem to get triggered.

I'm wondering what are others doing with this? I am using the "stock" drivers.

I use mine with HSM to arm/disarm. I also use it to chime when the front door is opened. I also am using the stock driver. I have 5 of them. I turned the volume down on some as they play things such as disarmed out of sequence, but I like them better then the Iris V2/V3 devices.


I have an iris I'm going to plan on using for emergency access. Enter the passcode to "deactivate" the keypad, and it will allow access into the house in case someone forgot their key

Thanks for your responses!!!

How are you setting "armed away"? I can't seem to do that from the device property page. Also how did you pair it? S2? S0? Unauthenticated?

Did you add it to HSM yet?

It won’t do much on the arming / disarming side until it has been added.


I did not! Will give it a shot thanks.

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As @bcopeland mentioned I have all 5 of my keypads added in HSM

S2 (Left at the default selected by the C7)

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Cooll thanks for the heads up! I did the same but wanted to make that's what others were doing as well.

I do not have any motion sensors paired to my C-7 yet so further investigation will have to wait a bit longer.

If you have a contact sensor paired you should be able to test HSM, otherwise you could create a virtual sensor to test. I actually did this when I first received my C7 as I had originally planned to wait for the Protection Service to migrate, but wanted to play with the new Keypads.

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Yeah don't have those paired yet either - should have mentioned that.. I'm slowly migrating stuff from my C-4 hubs over to a single C-7.

In that case you can always create a virtual contact sensor if you want to test out the keypad functionality now, or can wait until you migrate over some sensors.


Yep did not even think about that very cool!!!