Paid Feature - More Texts Daily

So currently have ST linked to Hubitat for just simply sending texts, but I want to move away from ST all together.

It would be great if there was a paid feature that would allow us to get more than 10 texts per day.
A few options I though about:

  1. Using the app have a paid feature (kinda like pushover) where for $$ it unlocks more texts per day
  2. Have an option on your site that we could purchase more texts per day for $$
  3. Have an option within the hub to purchase more texts per day for $$
    a) One time flat fee
    b) Monthly Fee
    c) Pay Per Use fee after the 10 free per day. (set up a balance that is pull from for each text.)

I would prefer option 3a or 3c, that way the the hub can show if its active and the balance if using c (But prefer a)

Something like 25-50 per day, as I send the texts to both my phone and my wifes phone. (Yes I prefer texts for my important notifications)

Plan is to have all my notifications sent via text and HE App Push Notifications, this way I should not miss important notifications.

Respectfully, I don’t think this is a valuable enough feature to warrant expending limited development resources, considering how many other options for (essentially unlimited) push notifications already exist.

In another thread a while back you mentioned some of your use cases for preferring sms (or email) over push notifications, but I could not understand how sms was superior to push notifications in the examples you gave.

Would you mind explaining again?


Well one, lets say I am driving, I can t look at the push notifications, but the car can read me the texts I get, so I would get the info from a text before I could from a push notification, since I would need to pull over and stop to look at the notification, but a text would allow me to continue to drive.

Two, I have already experienced that push notifications don't always go through, yet I got the text. (Missed push notification without the text as a backup, could mean I miss an intruder alert.

Three DND mode on phone. with DND mode I can have texts from particular numbers come through, but i cant select particular apps and their push notifications. So if I am away from home and there is an intruder alert in the middle of the night, I would miss it with the push notification, but a text I would get. Same goes for fire , water detection. or several other alerts I would want to know about ASAP.

That is just a few of the reasons. There are others, just not of the top of my head.

But I don't think it would take to much for them to be able to implement a paid service (Especially if its a one time fee)

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We will take a look at this. No promises...


or rather than the options you gave maybe a bulk buy kind of thing. pay $XXX for 500 or a 1000 txts with no time limit

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Not a built in solution but @stephack created a great driver for the join api that will allow you unlimited texts if you have an android device.

[Release] Join Api Notification Driver

I have a personal Twilio account that I use. A phone number is $1 per month then about 1 cent per SMS so very minimal.

Another idea. Why not use IFTT to trigger a text message using the webhook api to text your phone the message once received? That should allow you to achieve the goal. The only downside is that it does add additional latency with when the actual message would be received. The other option I can think of is that if you have android to use the tasker app to trigger an automation for when a push message comes in to text your own number the same message.

I want to keep everything locally in HE else I would just keep using my linked ST hub for it.

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