Paddle "button"

I've been searching for some time for an in-wall paddle "button", something that can fit into existing gang boxes with consistent style (existing are all "dumb" Lutron paddle-style switches and dimmers).
I've already tried RunLessWire Click (through Hue hub) -- it works, but not through Hubitat, and the click is loud enough I got complaints. I've used Lutron Picos -- rock solid, but even the 2-button variety doesn't match style with paddle switches. My latest experiment is using Jasco Zigbee switches/dimmers as buttons, but they don't report if you hit the on-button while it believes it is already on, and the dimmer only sends a level report "after the fact", so you can't use them to start/stop fading smart bulbs.
I'm mostly zigbee, but I can be flexible on radio protocol. I live in an area with frequent internet outages, so it needs to support local control. Does such a product exist?

This is my biggest beef with Lutron.

Why can't we have a matching 1 button Pico?! What is so hard about that Lutron!!! :rage:

I have nothing constructive to offer other then good luck. I will be monitoring to see if you find a solution to replace the stupid unmatched 2 button Pico I have at the top my my staircase!


Nope not bidder at all. :laughing:

Oh and Welcome to HE!! :rofl:

I've seriously considered taking all my non-smart-bulb loads (fans, hanging lights etc) and replacing their switches with Caseta switches/dimmers to get consistent style. Two things stop me: The need for additional wiring nuts, which I don't really have enough space for (Caseta doesn't have push-in terminals), and some of my older LED fixtures develop a buzzing with Caseta dimmers (even using the one with neutral and adjusting the phase). There's also a lot of artificial limits with Caseta, presumably to make it fit in an entry-level market segment. If they either had paddle-style Pico or offered RA2 switch/dimmer with Pico styling (and push-in), I'd be ordering right now.

Have you tried image

If those are in-sure connectors, then yes I tried using them, but they still take a bit of space. If it was just the load wire, then I'd probably make do, but I have quite a few 5-gang (and one 6-gang) boxes, and in these, the wires on the Caseta are too short to reach the big wiring caps for line, neutral and ground. So for e.g. line, it ends up being the caseta wire, to a 2-wire connector, then a pigtail over to the big wiring cap with all the line wires. The box ends up really crowded, messy, and suddenly involves a lot of connectors. Switches/dimmers with push-in or wire holes (like the GE Jasco or most of my non-Caseta Lutron devices) thus end up with less clutter and less space.
You inspired me to look again though, and I do notice there are push-in butt splices. That might make this look cleaner and take less space, but I'd still need to figure out why some of my loads start buzzing with the Caseta dimmers.

Wow. You do have some big boxes. Good luck.

Lutron has a recommended list of LED bulbs that work with their no-neutral dimmers. This issue doesn’t arise with incandescent bulbs, so I’ll bet installing a Lutron-MLC at any one of the LED bulbs will fix the buzzing. Assuming your LEDs are in series vis-a-vis the dimmer.


While it isn't released, you might want to keep a watch for an upcoming device from Inovelli.


I thought LUT-MLC was only for use on dimmers without neutral? Regardless, I'll certainly grab one and try again.

That seems worth waiting for. Thank you!

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I thought that's what you had? If it isn't, then my suggestion was incorrect.

In case anyone else has a similar situation: While waiting for Inovelli's Paddle Remote, I picked up a few of their red series switches. They report all button presses, holds and releases. You can disable local control, which means the paddle doesn't actually turn the switch on or off.
I'm using the switch buttons to control the dimming of smart bulbs, and so far, so good.

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I use a bunch of red switches like that. I hated the look of the Lutron switches and have been migrating to all paddle switches.

A good example is my exterior lights. Normally they are dusk to dawn and motion activated. One tap up on the Inovelli and they turn on warm white, overriding the motion sensors. A double tap sets them to a blue and green scene also overriding motion. A down tap restores the motion settings.

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I have Inovelli Red switches on our front, rear, and detached garage outdoor flood lights. One tap up at any of the switches turns on that flood light. Two taps up turns on that light for five minutes (think going out for a drive after dark). A long tap up at any switch turns on all three flood lights, useful when we hear a bear out in the yard in the middle of the night. Five taps up at any switch enables "emergency" mode, which turns on all of the outside lights, unlocks the front door, and sets the outside front lights into flash mode to guide first responders to our house (dark neighborhood in the woods) after a 911 call.

I will also program 5 taps up to trigger emergency mode on every one of the Inovelli Project Hurricane switches that will be arriving early next week. At that point, just about every switch in the house will be able to enable emergency mode. I'm still on the fence about having emergency mode also trigger our remote-monitored alarm system panic button to call 911, and want to see how many false alarms might be triggered once all switches are installed for a few months before making that addition to the rules.....