Oz Smart Things - Zigbee RGB Downlight v2

Sorry bit of a Newbie question, but has anyone tried or would these Zigbee RGB Downlights work ok with Hubitat?

If it truly follows the Zigbee 3.0 or the older ZHA 1.2 profiles, then it should work with a generic driver.

Always a chance it does something funny under the hood and would need a custom driver for all features though.


It is a Tuya ZigBee implementation after all (since it says it is supported by the Tuya app I am assuming) which get a bit weird at times. But since this is a light... even they tend not to stray too far from the basics for such things (from what I have seen).

If you do try them out it will be good to know how they work.


What’s the return policy for that web retailer like?

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