Oz Smart Things - Zigbee RGB Downlight v2

Sorry bit of a Newbie question, but has anyone tried or would these Zigbee RGB Downlights work ok with Hubitat?

If it truly follows the Zigbee 3.0 or the older ZHA 1.2 profiles, then it should work with a generic driver.

Always a chance it does something funny under the hood and would need a custom driver for all features though.


It is a Tuya ZigBee implementation after all (since it says it is supported by the Tuya app I am assuming) which get a bit weird at times. But since this is a light... even they tend not to stray too far from the basics for such things (from what I have seen).

If you do try them out it will be good to know how they work.


What’s the return policy for that web retailer like?

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Did you try those Zigbee RGBW downlights? How did they work?

I bought one from Oz Smart Things, and I haven't got it work yet.
Model number: DL41-03-10-R-ZB

It's pairs fine, but I haven't yet found a driver that works yet. If anyone has got it working, it will be great if you can share your experiences. I will keep at it for now. Below is the device pairing info. It seems that @kkossev has written a driver, but it seems like it's from a different manufacturer, and it doesn't seem to work with this model.

Device pairing info

Manufacturer: _TZ3210_klsm24op
Endpoint 01 application: 65
Endpoint 01 endpointId: 01
Endpoint 01 idAsInt: 1
Endpoint 01 inClusters: 0003,0004,0005,0006,1000,0008,0300,EF00,0000
Endpoint 01 initialized: true
Endpoint 01 manufacturer: _TZ3210_klsm24op
Endpoint 01 model: TS0505B
Endpoint 01 outClusters: 0019,000A
Endpoint 01 profileId: 0104
Endpoint 01 stage: 4
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Have you tried this driver? What is working and what does not work with it?

This TS0505B _TZ3210_klsm24op is a new model, I can't find any info for it. Hopefully it is compatible with the previous manufacturer _TZ3210_mcm6m1ma.

Thank you. I've just tried this driver. Still not able to control the device. Here is a snippet of a log in case it helps.

dev:2792024-03-29 14:47:27.383infohealthStatus was set to offline

dev:2792024-03-29 14:47:27.380warnno response received (device offline?)

dev:2792024-03-29 14:47:17.348infoturn off

dev:2792024-03-29 14:46:00.295infozigbee group memberships: (capacity available: 32)

dev:2792024-03-29 14:46:00.136errorjava.lang.ArithmeticException: Division by zero on line 1319 (method parse)

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:59.874infocolor temperature low set to 2000K

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:59.871infocolor temperature high set to 6535K

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:59.665warnzigbee read ON_OFF_CLUSTER attribute 0x4003 error: Unsupported Attribute

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:59.476warnzigbee read BASIC_CLUSTER attribute 0x4000 error: Unsupported Attribute

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:59.322inforefresh

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:56.203infosaturation was set to 6

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:56.123infohue was set to 6

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.691warnzigbee response write COLOR_CONTROL_CLUSTER attribute error: Unsupported Attribute

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.514warnzigbee response write ON_OFF_CLUSTER attribute error: Unsupported Attribute

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.490infohealthStatus was set to online

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.223infoconfigure: attempting to enable state reporting

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.217infoconfigure: setting Tuya DND moode to 0x00

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.188infoconfigure: setting power restore state to 0xFF

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.167infoconfigure...

dev:2792024-03-29 14:45:54.143infoinstalled