Owntracks - MQTT Driver

I’m writing a driver to work with Owntracks, I want to do more that presence sensor, Owntracks report speed traveling battery live different way points, I’m aware if Live360 but with Owntracks I use my own MQTT server and I don’t have to pay for it also y could get alert base on speed and phone battery. So far I get some progress going but, part of the plan is get all user waypoins and save it on the hub for later use, for that I’m trying to create a custom attribute on the parent driver but this attribute have to be an empty matrix to store future [name, latitude, longitude] I really being looking for a solution with no success so far, any help will be really appreciated.

This is what I have so far

05/05/2020: UPDATE on all this extra time I have on my hands
-Pick up entering and leaving a region so if you want to know when you wife got to the store and left?
-report speed
-report presence
(if you enable remote commands)
-force and update
coming soon:
-step report
-update Waypoints ...

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