Override motion rule and reset after 90 minute?

@bravenel I not getting how to do this.

Here's what I want. Motion turns on kitchen lights and they go off after no motion for 5 minutes. However if I use a pico to change the lights then keep them at this new setting for 90 minutes. after 90 minutes turn all lights off and return to motion rule control.

What I have setup:

  1. a motion rule that handles turning them on with different settings based on mode with a delay off after 5 minutes that cancels on truth change.

  2. Button 1 on a pico with Button Controller configured to set them to 6500k and 100%, it also turns on a virtual switch that will auto off after a second.

  3. I have another rule tied to the virtual switch that cancels actions of the motion rule and pauses it. It has a delayed off of 90 mintues that will turn off all lights and unpause the motion rule.

  4. I also have button 5 configured to turn off all lights and unpause the motion rule.

You want the lights to go off after 90 mins regardless of if there is motion or not? Is your motion off using a triggered rule or a regular rule. I would think, that instead of pausing the motion off rule that instead you had the switch being off as a condition in the rule, once that switch is auto-offed, your motion lighting rule would take over and you wouldn't need to turn the lights off. Then you also don't get into the nastiness of pausing and unpausing (something you can only do within HE). Instead, if the auto-off of the switch doesn't work for some reason, you could turn that off from the dashboard. If you're going to use the virtual switch anyway, just use it in the condition.

The 90 minutes is arbitrary, there in case someone forgets to hit button 5 as they leave to re-enable the motion rule.

Original problem trying solve. Someone goes in to get drink or snack motion works as designed. But when someone is in there to cook and wants max brightness, the motion rule can kick in and set them back to a dimmer state.

The idea was the pico button would set them bright and disable the motion rule. However not everybody remembers to hit button 5 as they leave to clear this and return the motion rule to active. Thus the 90 minute timer figuring that is long enough to not upset the wife if she is in there longer than 90 minutes. dimming every 5 minutes while cooking was making for unhappy wife.

Okay, then set up two motion off rules. One has the condition of the lower dimmer state the other of the higher one. This is the way that I have my kitchen motion off rules. I have 3 total kitchen motion rules, one to turn on, one to turn off when only the overhead is on (low or dim state) and another when all the lights are on.

Now mine is only 20 minutes vs 5 but you could do a lot longer for the full brightness. You just have to make that the two "true" statements across the two rules don't overlap. Basically, whatever makes them different, have the opposite in the other rule. In mine, one has Kitchen Fan Light on and the other has kitchen fan light off. That way, the two true's never run together.

Thanks for the examples in this thread. It took me a while (and some serious brain effort), but I think I figured it out.

I've got 5 rules for the TV Room Lighting.

  1. Motion Lighting (with illuminance built in).
  2. Lighting for when the TV is on (disables rule 1)
  3. Lighting for when the TV turns off (lights turn on if it's dark outside, or not if it's not).
  4. Button to turn on lights for 90 minutes (also disables rule 1).
  5. Button to turn off lights (and resume motion lighting, cancel rule 4.

Rules 4 and 5 were the rules I added tonight, and I had help from this thread. Thanks!

I know it would probably look better in Button Controller, but I'd prefer all my rules to be in one location. Otherwise I'll get lost.