Overnight device loosing connection to network overnight

I noticed about a week ago maybe a little less that overnight my C5 stops responding via network connection. Hub works fine otherwise, it might have also been after the last update to not entirely sure.

Anyway's I notice in the morning that the in the upper right corner of my dashboard its red not green. I can not ping, or access via network in any way, however if I just unplug the network plug and plug back in all is fine and I can access again.

In the logs I think it starts when I see this, I know it was working at 130am as I was up and looked I keep seeing in the logs error with connecting to amazon until I unplug and plug back in and then like I said its fine again till probably tonight.

2021-03-11 02:36:11.745 am errorError making Call to refresh Token: api.amazon.com: Temporary failure in name resolution

I have backups that are can I downgrade to and then restore one of the backups or does the backup have to match the version? I'd like to try and verify this is what the trigger was causing it? Nothing else has changed on my network in the house otherwise. Anything else anyone wants to offer to try and sort this out? Thanks

when that happens can you get to port 8081?

Nothing, can't access the box until I just pull the ethernet cable and plug back in and then it all works. In fact its in that state now I just unplug and plug back in and it works for some time and then does it again.

I did do a quick downgrade of firmware and its not that so its something else with the box acting up causing the network port to lock up.

Have you tried a different port on your router or ethernet switch?

On your networking page, what do you have for your DNS name server? I set mine to my router LAN address. I think that the default was Google ( Also; Do you have a static IP set on your router, so it doesn't change with router reboots.

@aaiyar - Yes and No, I have a hardware ethernet at the living room on an 8 port switch with other things plugged into it. TV streams through this path as well. The TV and few other items are not failing. I can either unplug the main ethernet feeding that switch and plug in and it starts working or pull power from ethernet switch and plug in and it starts working. I did just a bit ago when it failed moved to a new cable right off the router to see what happens

@Ken_Fraleigh Yes mine has always said for DNS. I do have static, same one I have had for some time and IP is reserved so that is not the issue. I can try the gateway address in there to see what happens next .

I also ordered a wifi antenna as I have an OTG cable already. This change is on my list as well and if it works great.

I have also re-upgraded to the latest version as this is not the issue just coincidence

I would start by disabling/removing any community 3rd party apps and see if that cures it then start adding stuff back in

Last night I moved the HE to the computer room with new cable and power it ran all night. Moved this morning to living room just over an hour no ethernet port again. Issue seems resolved now, bad switch port and/or cable I replaced with new switch and cable to the HE in the living room along with new power and USB cable and its been up all morning with no problems


This is what I suspected. I've run into this years ago with a 5-port Netgear unmanaged 100 mpbs switch.

I think this is the first time I've ever run into a bad port. Glad this fun is now over..

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