Oven reaches 200C then do THIS (but only once)

Hi guys!

I want to do a notification where if my OVEN reaches 200 celsius then send me a notification.
But i only want this once, because if i do a simple "IF the OVEN reach 200C then send NOTIFICATION" the oven always sends me every time when it reaches the 200 while it tries to keep it on the 200 edge.
So i want to use something like after i turned on just notify me only ONE time till i turn it off and on again.

Should i use booleans here?

here are the states i can use:

I have this need in various places. What I do is set a hub variable when some reading goes over a certain level. Obviously the hub variable is addressed each time the sensor sends a report, but the hub variable only raises its own event when it changes. So I get the report triggered when the variable (called something like "closet too humid") changes to True. Then when the sensor returns to a better reading I have it set the variable to False, which does not trigger a report. So you'd only have problem extra reports if the sensor was vacillating up and down just on the threshold. To reduce this risk, you can have the variable set False only when the sensor level had dropped some way below the notification level


What I would do is:

Required expression: private boolean is true

Trigger: temperature >= 200

Set private boolean to false
Send notification
Wait until temperature <= 100
Set private boolean to true


Does this type of variable scope across more than one instance of the rule running? Cos it's gonna have one instance generated per temperature notification

Because of the required expression, it should not run/trigger again until the temperature drops below the 100 threshold.


Thank you guys!

Yeah, what i needed is the "wait until temperature" part.
Thank you for your help, its working :slight_smile:

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