Ouvopo Contact Sensors

I bought some inexpensive contact sensors. They claim to be compatible with Hubitat, they pair as 'device', I change it to 'generic contact sensor (no temp)' and re-pair the device and the settings come up perfectly. For a brief moment, while the device is still in 'pairing-mode', I can correctly see the state change from 'open' to 'close' as expected. Once the device moves out of pairing mode, it is stuck on the last state before leaving 'pairing-mode'. Anyone else have this kind of issue?


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Found the issue.. same as another I found.. Sonoff SNZB-01P not staying connected to C-8 - #37 by Jose_R

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So just to confirm - you reset/re-pair per below and it's working w/the generic contact sensor driver.

I reset the device without deleting the device from Hubitat. And yes re-pair.

Not sure if it plays a part, but NOT clicking on the "view device" link after pairing seemed to influence the driver... maybe

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