Output state for Denon AVR?

I'm new to Hubitat. I just added my Denon AVR to Hubitat and while everything is working great, I'm trying to setup some automations based on the output state of my Denon AVR. For example, the Denon AVR remote iOS app displays output information such as sound mode (e.g. stereo or Dolby Atmos) and speaker outputs (e.g. FL, FR, SW). I'm trying to use rule machine to turn off my lights when it detects audio output to my surround speakers.

The current Denon AVR driver for Hubitat only reads power state, volume and input sources but not output states. Anyone has custom drivers or know of a way to do this? I'm hoping this is possible since the iOS app obtains output information via LAN as well. Thanks!

Did you ever figure out a solution here? I'm trying to get mine working too and trying to find the best driver available.

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