Outlets tied to wall switches

We have some switches that are tied to the outlets in our home where we want to install Inovelli Red series dimmer switch at but we are aware that installing dimmer switches on outline lines are a big no no.

There is a dual switch box in which have two standard switches, one switch is tied to the hallway ceiling lights (3-way) and second switch is tied to the outlets in the living room.

I am thinking I could save money by installing only one red dimmer switch on hallway ceiling light and take out the living room switch making outlet hot all the time (by connecting two wires together with a cap) and use zigbee bulbs in lamps that are plugged into those "formally now hot all time" switched outlets and use the switch's built in features to control the hallway light and living room bulbs with different taps.

But my wife wanted to be able to dim the living room bulbs and also to be able to dim the hallway light using the wall switch when needed.

The hallway light I know will be dimmable by holding on the down button but do anyone have programmed the HE to dim the living room bulb via wall switch?

Something like double tap to change the switch modem over to the living room bulbs then hold the down button to dim it?

I know I will need to get a wall switch plate with one blank

Something like this plate in white color


You would not be able to use the Inovelli like a dimmer for the bulbs. You could select pre-set level you could go to with tap combos but not a true dimmer.

I would caution against doing something like this. It is not intuitive how to control the light in this way, especially if it has always been another way. I anticipate big drops in your WAF.

Have you considered replacing the switch with a button device after tying together the two wires? Something like a Lutron Pico or a Hue dimmer would be perfect in this situation. You already have a place to mount it.

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The also have inserts if you already have wallplates you like.

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A Lutron pico would only work if I have a Caseta hub right? I will need to search to see what is a Hue dimmer? I am still a bit new to this automation world but learning fast.

I could put a second red series dimmer and not connect it to the outlets but do you know if the button dimmer feature still can work on the bulbs via HE or it only work when lights are hard wired to it?

Caseta Pro Bridge. Not just the regular Bridge. The regular will not work. they look identical too.

Here's the Hue dimmer.

There are some others that are similar:


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The hue dimmer look interesting and a good WAF too.

Will the Philips Hue dimmer will pair directly to the HE or I have to get a Philips hub to link it with HE?

Does it come with some type of snap in adapter to use it in a standard double switch faceplate? It will go in a dual electrical box which will also have a red series dimmer switch for hallway light so the wall plate will have to be a dual switch plate and the picture showing only a single switch wall plate included.

It will only work if paired directly to HE. You can't get it to work with HE if you pair to a Hue bridge.

No...but the ERIA one does. That one has a removable insert that attaches to the wall in-place of the switch. Then it hold onto the remote via magnets. That one would be a better choice for your application. The hue only mounts to a single gang easily.

You'll see a lot of people selling custom mounts for the Hue dimmer on sites like Etsy. But if you want simple, go with the ERIA. You get the same functionality.

It's hard to tell by looking at it, so I had to ask when it came out, but the back-part you can see here, clips out and then can attach to the front of your electrical box.

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This is one you're talking about?


It looks good. I think my wife will like it too.


That's the one!

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Thank you. I ordered two of those.

I assume it can be pair directly to HE without using their hub too because in the Amazon question, they said it can't be paired to ST or other hubs but no mentioned about HE hub.

It'll pair directly and use it's own built in driver:

Once paired you will have to use Rule Machine to assign actions to the 4 buttons on the device but there are lot of tutorials on the forum here on how to do that.

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Thanks. It next thing I am reading up tonight. The RM

I am stuck working at home anyway due the ongoing thing happening so I will have lots to spare time to read

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