Outlet with API control


Hello wonderful people,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a smart outlet that works with Hubitat and could be controlled using a REST API over command line? There used to be a lot of OPEN API outlets couple of years ago and I cannot seem to find one anymore.

Thanks for the help.


Sonoff is the first thing that comes to mind. Inexpensive and when flashed with Tasmota, a power-house of a smart switch. I have tons of them around my house doing various things and can use http (so, curl/wget from a command line), MQTT, etc to control them.


I'm not sure what your requirements are for the REST interface, but any z-wave/zigbee outlet that Hubitat supports can then be accessed via the Maker API which would provide you with a HTTP accessible control/status functionality.


Ah, I see. Maker has been rebranded as WebHook. Would you know where can i find a tutorial for webhooks with Hubitat IFTTT service? If not, I am sure I wills tumble my way to the correct syntax.
Thanks so much!


Maker API is the Hubitat App that you have to enable. The WebHooks I don't know as I don't use IFTTT with Hubitat.

There's some documentation on accessing the device URL's in the Wiki but not a whole lot. The basic syntax is the same across devices though.