Outlet that doesn't click

It has been decreed by the boss that we need an outlet or plug that doesn't click when it switches. I have limited experience with these (plenty of other types of devices) so maybe that's common. However, the smart plugs we already have are mechanical relays and click when switched.

These are for bedroom lights, so I'm looking for a quiet solution to plug lights into. Alternatively, if someone knows of an Edison/Vintage bulb that works with Hubitat I'd be ok with that and skipping the outlet/plug. I have yet to locate one and the Edison bulb is a requirement.

Try a dimmer, my dimmers don’t click.
I’m believe most dimmers don’t use relays.

This is the dimmer l have I’m sure you can find cheaper one.

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Lol I love the click! Not quite sure why, but it just feels good to me.


Don't think anyone has reported using these on Hubitat but in theory they should work.

A bit dim

Not sure the Zigbee version but there is lots of hue stuff that has gone through the Zigbee 3.0 certification

I'm not sure anyone has given any feedback on any of the Zigbee 3.0 bulbs.

I like these dimmers for lamps, also because we have 2 pin outlets in our house.

Picked up some of the Tradfri vintage bulbs yesterday. After doing the reset dance they seem to be working well. They aren't super bright, but bright enough for reading in bed.

The reset dance with these is 6 "on" cycles where the off is 2 seconds and the on is quick. I know, that's weird but it didn't work any other way. The 6th "on" it starts blinking after a few seconds. Be patient. Should pop into the zigbee discovery shortly.

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