Outlet off depends on battery level in phone

Whatever... I have no problem with forceful arguments being offered, as this means that the hardest arguments are being banged against each other to see which one holds up best under pressure and impact.

I am an "ambassador" from a whole 'nother planet, where one walks a mile in another's shoes long before "banning" someone from a support resource funded by paying customers who brought a not at all simple product.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Users who habitually harass and abuse others, or other flagrant violations of the community guidelines, can end up suspended or banned by staff. Cost or complexity of using the hub isn’t relevant. No one’s entitled to harass others here.

It rarely comes to that, but some people have proven to be either unwilling or unable to exhibit a basic respect for others in their interactions here.


@bobbyD - might be time to close this thread.