OUTDOOR Use? Sonoff SNZB-03 Motion Sensor

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The only motion sensor I have found that is designed for 'outdoor' use is the Zooz ZSE29. I did get one with the intention to use it on the driveway...it's not working very well detecting a car since a cold car will not trigger the sensor. :frowning: Plus, it's $35.

I now need to put about 4 motion sensors in my large back yard and I'm leaning toward using the SNZB-03. This is an indoor sensor but since it's less than $10, I'm going to give it a go.

Have any of you tried using the SNZB-03 outdoors? Please share your experience if you have.

Thank you!

These two sensors are made for outdoor use and both work well for me.

I have not used the SNZB-03's but I have had good luck with the Iris IL07 V3 motion sensors outdoors, as long as they are protected from the weather a bit.

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Thanks for your reply. I don't see the IL07 for sale online... It looks like it was discontinued in 2019.

Are these sensors going to be out in the open or reasonably protected (e.g., under an overhang)? If reasonably protected, they're cheap enough that I'd consider them for outdoor use--even if they fail, you didn't lose much, and I've used similar "indoor" sensors outdoors in similar conditions without problem (I can't make myself use the beloved Iris v2 mentioned above here, but my old Xiaomi, barely functional Kone, a Monoprice 15271, a Zooz ZSE18, and a well-protected Dome DMMS1 have all served or are currently serving in this function for me). I've seen some people suggest taping off the lens (so it doesn't get covered, then removing the tape afterwards) and spraying the sensor with silicone to protect it a bit if it's not protected when outside. That's what I did with my Konke (barely works on Hubitat as-is and also cheap so I didn't care), which isn't really protected aside from being attached to a fence and under the slight protection of a 1x4 or whatever is holding my fence together.

Otherwise, if you want something likely to last, I'd suggest one of the dedicated options above. But lots of people have used others outdoors with a bit of care (and possibly even without), so if you don't mind a potential loss, you could certainly try regardless. This is one I'd be willing to risk given the price. Your preferences, of course, may vary.

Not protected at all....lol. Like I said I need 4 and they will be nailed to different trees. I may find I need to protect them if they only last a few months or whatever. But at least the Sonoff's are only $10. If they die right away, then I know I can't use them. :frowning:

Could a use a spray paint can lid or small plastic tub of some kind to protect them from the weather.

The version 2's are too sensitive for outside :slight_smile: but the Version 3's work good for me. they are all protected from the weather.

Thanks for the tip @gassgs

I found the Sonoff ZNSB-03 motion sensors way too sensitive for outdoor use. I have nearly 20 of them indoors and they work wonderfully.

So I tried putting 4 in my garden (suitably shielded from rain) but found that they trigger non-stop from wind, and every time the sun comes out from behind a cloud, as well as from wildlife as small as birds and even on one occasion a wood mouse more than 2m away from the sensor!

I never have any false triggers from the ones I have indoors, even in the sunniest rooms.




Have yet to have any false triggers with either

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