Outdoor outlets not turning off

I have a GE outdoor plug and an Eva Logik outdoor plug that are not turning off when they should. They turn on at sunset -90 min, but do not turn off at 10:00 pm as scheduled.

I created a basic rule to turn them off at 10:00 and that didn't work so I created a rule with rule machine and that still does not work.

GE outlet:

EVA Logik left is part of the outdoor outlet 3 group. This is how it set itself up when I installed it:

The EVA Logik shows a bug in the log, but I'm not sure what is going on. Neither one of the outlets turn off when they are supposed to.

Thanks for any assistance that anyone can offer.

It's tough for me to decipher mobile screen shots but if I read correctly there nothing in the logs to indicate that the device was commanded to shut off at 10. What is turning outdoor outlet 1 off at 10:28? Are you doing that from the devices page? And do they turn on and off as expected from the devices page?

As a next troubleshooting step I might try removing the "command only switches that are on" to see what happens, and turn on logging for the rule itself.

@hughlipham Can you post the actual rules? Also in your inuse by fields it shows google. Is Google possibly interfering?

I turned the outlets off in the dashboard at 10:28.

The rule to turn the outlets off was the first screen shot. Is that what you are asking about?

Not sure what would cause Google interference. I think the Google association just allows me to turn them on and off using Google commands.

Both outlets turn on when they are supposed to. I'm stumped at why they don't turn off.

@brad5, @rlithgow1, I removed the google association and removed the “command only switches that are on”. I’ll see if that makes a difference tonight.

Sorry I didn't see that when I initially looked. My bad. Is there anything in the scheduled events?

This is what is shown in scheduled jobs:

I would delete and recreate the rule. Make sure you click done.

I will give that a shot. This is the second rule I have tried already. The first rule was a basic rule and that didn't work so I created it through rule machine and it's still not working. I will delete it and try again for the third time.

This is a very basic schedule and failure is extremely rare. Your idea to run this in Basic Rules makes perfect sense and that is what I would have done too.

Everything you've shown so far doesn't explain why it failed. I've been watching your thread with great interest. If you'd like, you can send me a private message with your hub id and we can take a look to make sure you are not dealing with some kind of database issue.

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PM sent. Thank you, Bobby.

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One thig I meant to ask, is your hub a C-7 model?

...got your PM, too, looking now.

It is C-4.

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Thanks, check your PM, this might be a hardware issue.

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