Outdoor motion light recommendation

I have outdoor nest camera. I want to add a motion triggered light so that camera can better pickup motion. Any recommendations based on below;

  • Does not need to be cloud or Hubitat connected. Can be a simple independent unit
  • If it can somehow not get triggered by bugs etc, it will be superb
  • Any way I can increase/decrease brightness will be useful
  • Ideally battery based
  • Needs to be outdoor weather tolerant. It will be under a shade but still splashes of rain, temp swings might occur.

Too long wishlist I guess.

Get a RAB unit. They wont false trigger all night like those cheap hardware store brands. They cost more but worth it. I have a few been running good for 10+ years with out needing adjustment.


Zooz Outdoor seems to work well I have 12 or so of them. I get around 120 degrees left to right. Up and down has never been a problem and I get around 45 feet radius on the most sensitive setting. I also like them because I can plug them in. Micro USB no more batteries unless you want to use them.

Thanks. Looks very interesting and competitive price. But given a choice, I'll prefer ZigBee as I have strong ZigBee mesh but zero zwave devices.

You mean a dimmer?

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RAB Stealth 360 is my go-to outdoor sensor when I don't need it to report back to the hub.

Not sure what you have in mind with brightness increase/decrease. First thing that comes to mind is the units that are dim until motion is detected. Second thing that comes to mind is selectable brightness - a feature on some RAB LED lights (manually set brightness and color temperature). A bit more info of how it should behave will help here.

Thanks. I'll definitely check this out. I mentioned dimmer or levels of brightness only because in some houses I see flood lights such are too bright and blinding. The light is bright enough to flood a large part of street. I don't need that bright light.

I have one of these over my garage (along with the Stealth 360 sensor):

They are surprisingly affordable for a professional, buy-once solution. They have a tool to estimate the light spread, also, based on height and tilt angle.

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