Outdoor lighting

Although early, I’ve got a desire for a project for this spring. We have a patio that I’d like to light from the eves about ten feet off the ground. I want to put up weather-resistant 5in1 RGBCCT light strips. I want to use Hubitat to control on/off, dimming, and color. I assume I’ll need a controller or a switch. Do you have a recommendation for a switch or a controller that pairs well with Hubitat?

I just bought some WS2811 string Xmas lights for my front railing. They make strip versions of them too such as this:

Then you can use a MagicHome controller and have local control of the lights. I bought this one and put it in a waterproof project box:

You will also need an appropriate wattage 12V power supply.

Then for HE control use @adamkempenich’s driver:

There’s another MagicHome controller that does WS2811 that comes with remote. I like that one more.

Haven’t completed the driver for it, but I do have a test version for it.

Do you have a link to it? So far I am happy with the one I linked above since it has dual outputs. I don’t use the remote, I set the color with the MagicHome App and have used your driver to turn on and off in a schedule. Simple use case for holiday lighting: Orange now and Green/Red in a few weeks.

Shameless plug for Holiday Lighting to manage your color selection over time.

I just looked at your link, and it's the one I recommend. Pretty powerful for the cost, plus it can be used locally.

You can use the MagicHome Switch driver in that thread to control power, until I find time to finish the proper driver.

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