Outdoor light rule not shutting off lights at sunrise


I have Z-wave outlet switch controlling my outdoor lights. The rule worked great during daylight savings time and then stopped shutting off the lights at sunrise. System time is set to US/Eastern, rule is using EDT. Lights turn on at sunset, turn off at 11:30pm, turn back on at 5:30am but never shut off.

Any suggestions?


Your rule won't shut the lights off at sunrise because at sunrise the rule is true and you have off under actions for false. You should just use the simple lighting app. You don't really need a rule for something like this.


I don't see the error in the rule. To me the OR condition should turn from True to False at Sunrise minus 15mins. Thus turning the lights off.

Thanks for the suggestions I've deleted this Rule and created three simple lighting rules to accomplish the same thing.


This rule would be false at Sunrise -15 mins. So, it should turn the lights on from 5:30 am to sunrise -15 mins. Do you have your location in your hub set correctly so it knows when sunrise and sunset are? What shows up on your location settings page?


Thanks for the reply! Location is accurate and shows the correct time zone, sunset and sunrise times. This morning utilizing the simple lighting rules I got the same result. Lights didn't shut off. It seems weird that the Hubitat acts on Sunset but not Sunrise.

When I was using the Rule Machine I could see the rule was True in APP view but then if opened the specific rule it would then start showing false.

I'm going to check for an update, reboot and see if the problem persists tomorrow morning.


As others have said, using Simple Lighting for this would be the best tool for the job. I think you may need to convert this to a triggered rule but I don’t use RM all that much.


Problem solved after shutting down Hubitat and turning back on.