Outdoor light blinks when powered on or changing dim level


I am really struggling with a dimmer switch for a light I have. The light is here. I am currently using a GE Z-Wave switch that has a neutral wire and anytime I turn it on, it blinks 3 times before going to full power. If I attempt to change the dim through Hubitat, it will frequently just start blinking and not sop and I have to turn it off. if I all I want to do is turn it on and off, I can put up with the 3 blinks but I would prefer to dim it if possible.

Any ideas why it is doing that?

I have Lutron Caseta switches with Bridge everywhere else and would prefer to use one but none of mine have a neutral wire and thus I couldn't get it to work with the light. I am open to buying a new Lutron switch if it will solve my problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I believe the issue is being caused by the light fixture itself. Looking quickly through the specifications for that LED fixture, I do not believe it is designed to be dimmed. Therefore, I would replace the smart dimmer you have with a Lutron Caseta Switch (not dimmer), like the following.

This Caseta Switch does require a Neutral, and can be used for most loads. I use these for similar non-dimmable LED lights, as well as bathroom exhaust fans. They work great!


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Well that wasn't the answer I wanted to hear. :frowning: But if it isn't supposed to be dimmed, I guess I should either replace it or stop dimming it. Thanks for the quick reply.

Any idea if that switch you suggest will work for Philips Hue lights too?


BTW - That link says a Neutral is required and when I spin it around, it shows a neutral and a blue wire. Do I just cap them off if I don't need them?

Also note that some of the GE dimmers can be put in "switch mode", for applications just like this. All of the newer ones can.

If it is an old model, probably out of luck though.

If you use the Lutron Smart Switch that I linked above, then you will need to use the Neutral wire. It is required. The Blue wire is for a 3-way switch setup, which most Lutron Caseta users never use. Instead, Pico Remotes are much simpler to use for a 3-way or 4-way switch setup.

Philips Hue lights should always have power applied to them. They should never be turned off with a switch (either manual or smart.) I use Lutron Pico remotes as wall mounted button controllers to manually control my Philips Hue bulbs that are installed in table/floor lamps.

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