Outdoor LED Light Strip Recommendations?

Does anybody have recommendations for specific brands of outdoor RGBW stips that work with either the Zen31 or other similar drivers? I have been looking on Amazon at different outdoor strips and a lot of them seem to have quick connectors which work with their IR controllers, but wouldn't be easy to connect to the ZWave drivers.

I know there are package Zigbee solutions out there, but my Zigbee mesh isn't great and I think I would have much better luck with Zwave since it is outside an not close to another zigbee device in my house.

I picked these up (white for my needs) from Ecolocityled.com, direct wire to the Zen31 and they work great

They are installed into an aluminum channel with a diffuser and they are gorgeous, spendy but gorgeous

Ribbon Star Max, Waterproof Daylight White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC - 118" (3m)

Have fun with what you choose


Looks great. You are right; those are a little pricy compared to some of the stuff on Amazon. You get what you paid for so they will probably hold better and last much longer. I am looking to mount them under my eaves on the outside of the house, but lighting the steps like that looks really sharp.