Outdoor-ish (Garage) Decora Smart Switch?

Really enjoying Hubitat. I'd like to add control of my garage and outdoor lights with some outdoor sensors I've purchased. The problem is that both of those switches are in my garage, so while not directly exposed to the elements, it's 28 degrees in there now, and certainly humidity changes throughout the year. I've purchased Zooz Z-wave switches so far, but they state they are indoor only. My google-fu has failed me so far, can anyone recommend a Z-wave or Zigbee decora switch that will work in the garage with temperature and humidity extremes, or perhaps another solution?


I use Leviton Decora Smart Switch (zwave) with no issues here in Minnesota.

You might also try GE Plus In-Wall Smart Switch in Zwave or Zigbee.

Good to Hear! I just put one in my garage a month ago and was worried that when temps hit -20C I might be in trouble. Upside is that it's in a wall that is common to the house.. so a bit warmer than ambient.

I have had some Zwave switches, garage door controller, motion sensors, locks and contact sensors in various outbuildings for a few years without issue. They have survived both high heat and cold in Minnesota. The only things that really suffer in the cold are battery powered devices. Batteries don't last as long.

I have a Zooz Zen26 in my Garage, and it handled a Humid Virginia Summer with no issues. Temps peaked around ~116 F (~46C) with many extended periods of 95F (35C) and it didn't seem to have any problems.

Longer term, because I expect the circuits are probably ROHS, and since they are indoor switches, and because I doubt that the PCBs are conformally coated, I suppose I could see some tin-whiskering and early failure in a few years.

It'll be interesting to see how it handles the cold. I don't expect any real problems though, it doesn't get that cold in there, and there's only humidity in there, not rain or other moisture...so I should be OK. Glad you asked though, that's an interesting question!

Thanks for the replies! If any of these switches are working for my Minnesotan neighbors to the West, I should be good here in Wisconsin. I picked up one of the Inovelli LZW30-SN reds to play with and really like it, I'll order a few more and replace some of my Zooz and move them to the garage switches.

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