Outdoor dimmer plug?

My wife bought all these LED rope lights for our deck with the intention of plugging them into the deck outlet and being done with it. I got one look at it at night and was nearly blinded. It’s like the Las Vegas strip out there.

I see Amazon has some options that come with a remote that look fine, but what about something I can get on the HE?

Unless the rope light is low voltage and can be controlled by a driver specifically meant for that purpose you may be out of luck.

If the rope lights do not have a low voltage transformer (ie wall wart) then you might want to start over again.

Hmm, not following exactly. Maybe I’m oversimplifying. I thought I’d need something like this, but outdoor friendly


There's this zwave one.

I use 3 of these for my outdoor lighting and fountain

I don't know of any outdoor rated DIMMERS. There are 2-3 manufacturers out outdoor SWITCHES, though.

I would be careful to make sure that your rope lights support a dimmer though. LED rope lights will have some type of transformer to go from 120 VAC to something like 12 VDC.

I read through the materials that came with the lights and couldn’t find any mention of dimmer friendliness. They do have a transformer, generally does that mean they cannot be dimmed?

Yes. If it doesn't say Dimmable, most likely it is not. Do the instruction say to plug directly into a wall socket?

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Adding to what Ryan said, you can't dim the transformer. If the LEDs themselves were dimmable you might be able to cut off the transformer and use a driver from my first post. Best bet though is to start over.

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Thanks guys, just going to abandon these lights and get something else. Luckily we don’t have much $ into them.

Since they are rope lights you might be able to use them to trace out the house numbers on home to make it easier for people to find you in the dark. If you have enough of them you could get creative and spell out the numbers. :wink:

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Did you ever find an outdoor inline dimmer? we had some indoor/outdoor LED string lights that we used to have inside with an analog lamp dimmer which worked great, now we have them on the eaves of the house in the back yard, and at full brightness, they're blinding.

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