Outdoor announcement solutions?

I'm kicking around a rough idea in my head of a system for making announcements outside.

Often times when the kids are playing in the backyard and we need them to come inside we are wrapped up in something else and not really keen on dropping it to go yell out the back door.

Are there any outdoor siren options that have a friendlier tone option?

Maybe some kind of setup with an outdoor speaker and an echo device tucked away safely out of the elements?

Like I said this is just an idea and I have only had it in my for literally no even 30 minutes so I have developed it much.

I think some Sonos speakers are supported for text to speech, and they do outdoor ones


Hadn't thought of that. However everything Sonos that I've seen is pretty pricey.

A couple of years ago, HE members were using the Fabriq speakers for cheap tts. Might still be an option?

I covered an early echo dot with the bottom of a plastic peanut butter jar and put it outside in a wet, windy, ultra-humid environment. It lasted for 3 years.